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How regular are you? In the United States, 2.5 Million people visit the doctor annually die to constipation

Feeling Bloated? The average American adult carries up to 22 pounds of intestinal waste

Sad Statistic - On Average, 25% of the S.A.D (Standard American Diet) consists of junk food.

Why Seasonal Cleansing is Vital

1. How many times did you eat in the last 24 hours?
2. Did those meals snacks and deserts include at least 5 fruits and vegetables.
3. How many bowel movements did you have?

Now do the math, if you don't evacuate waste as often as you eat, what's happening to the fecal matter?

Talking about your digestion or frequency of your bowel movements is undeniably an uncomfortable subject. But you have to get over it.

The truth is, experts agree that your health is directly tied to your digestion.

In today's busy society, diets are full of fat and empty calories, but low in fiber and nutrients and fiber. Without sufficient soluble and insoluble fiber to move bulk through the intestines and remove toxins, fecal matter can build up along the intestinal walls. Over the years, this build-up can ferment and lead to parasites, and rob you of your health and vitality.

One Cleanse 4 Seasons

You probably clean your home with the seasons, its time to clean your temple too.

To maintain optimal health, simply do a colon cleanse with Almighty Cleanseevery three months.* Just one cleanse per season helps to expel waste, for a lighter, fresher, purified feeling.* But it doesn't stop there. This powerful yet gentle 2-step system chips away at fecal matter encrusted along your intestinal walls.*

Once you finish your first Almighty Cleanse 7 day Spa Detoxify and see what has been accumulating in your colon for years, you'll never want to miss your seasonal cleanse.

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