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Feeling good and being healthy isn't over on the last day of your cleanse - Its just the beginning! Here are some tips for maintaining this good, healthy feeling during and in between your seasonal cleanses;

  • CUT OUT junk foods that are high in chemicals, refined sugar, and low in fiber. They do not provide the body with nutrition, only extra "empty" calories.
  • PRACTICE portion control. This is the easiest way to not overload your digestive system and avoid extra calories
  • EAT ORGANIC. Include lots of fresh fruits, salads, whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and real fruit juices to give your body the nutrition it craves
  • DRINK lots of water to help flush waste out of your system
  • CONTINUE drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice in the morning to detoxify and stay regular
  • ENJOY moderate sunshine and lots of fresh air.
  • SLEEP at least 8 hours a night so your immune system can keep you healthy.
  • EXERCISE on a regular basis to tone and tighten muscles, maintain a healthy weight and improve heart health
  • REDUCE your consumption of animal products (including dairy products) that are often high in saturated fat
  • USE Almighty Cleanse every three months for optimal health.

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