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Step 1: Regulate - Regulate your digestion and expel waste without the cramping or disruption to your daily life.*

Step 2: Purify - This rich, safe and natural intestinal "scrub" purifies and detoxifies your body gently.*

Start... By taking one formula 1 capsule with your last meal of the day. Gradually increase dosage by one capsule every night until your bowel movements increase in size OR frequency. Maintain this dosage for the remainder of your cleanse.
Then... begin using formula 2 on the day your bowl activity increases.

Capsule users: Take 7 capsules with 12 ounces of water 4 times daily between meals. That's a total of 28 capsules a day

Drink Users: Combine one level scoop of purifying powder with 12 ounces of juice, such as grape or cranberry. Shake well and drink immediately. Drink 5 servings every day for 5 days, allowing at least two hours between each serving. May be taken with meals or between meals.

  • Be Sure to drink lots of water during your cleanse to enhance detoxification.


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