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Almighty Cleanse uses two potent, all-natural formulas to help rid your colon of impurities before they're released and circulated throughout your body.* you can see and feel many of the benefits. But the reward is knowing you're safeguarding your health for a lifetime to come.

Experience relief from everyday ailments:
occasional constipation, bloating and gas.*
Enjoy the benefits of a clean colon:
Eliminates parasites, purifies the colon, improves nutrient absorption, and helps maintain a healthy weight

Formula 1 Regulate uses a comprehensive blend of fiber to stimulate digestion and move waste out of the body.* You will eliminate gently without cramping or loose stools.* Once a pathway is clear, you're ready to purge harmful impurities with this natural colon cleanse.

Formula 2 Purify Uses an all-natural charcoal and unrefined herbs to literally scrub caked-on excrement from your colon walls. This formula is powerful enough to flush out years of build-up.* The effectiveness of Formula 2 is what really sets it ahead of all other cleanses. If you are using the powder, mix it with cold juice or a low-calorie drink to make your cleansing refreshing.

CURIOUS COLOR Do you know what makes up the rich unique color of Formula 2? Naturally dark activated charcoal is blended with other unrefined herbs and send. Almighty Cleanse contains no bleaches, dyes or preservatives.

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